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  • BIC® Cristal® challenge

    "£10 says you won't finish it"
  • BIC on the Tour de France 2014

    Celebrating the Tour De France coming to the UK with its popular BIC Creativity Caravan to delight spectators along the race route.
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  • uk_bic-kids_ad-movie

    New BIC® Kids advertising movie

    A tongue-in-cheek video celebrating BIC® Kids range of washable colouring felt tip pens The video on YouTube
  • BIC® Cristal® dress

    Created by designer Annette Carey for the 60th year of the pen
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  • BIC® Soleil "Just live your summer"

    Soleil® shaver for women simplifies your life. See the online campaign

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  • tipp_ex_viral_2010_5 TIPP-EX® interactive campaign
    45 million fans as of today! Face to face encounters between a bear & a hunter... Discover them on YouTube & write your own story!
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  • find-the-code

    BIC relights your fire

    Applications, games and promotions on this innovative and interactive website
  • soleil_dp2010_en

    BIC® Soleil® range

    Discover the new shaver, Soleil® Easy for women, and the whole Soleil® range Interactive magazine: what Soleil® woman are you?
  • appli-iphone_logo2


    Slide the clicking wheel of the virtual lighter and you’ll hear the grating of the flint as the flame appears
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