Ensure quality and safety daily for 46 million
BIC® products

Unique manufacturing expertise…

BIC's manufacturing processes have been refined to make high quality products available to all consumers. This everyday performance is the result of high technology facilities and equipment, integrated production processes, well-trained employees and a rigorous quality control system.

How we manufacture...a Pen How we manufacture...a Lighter How we manufacture...a Shaver
Une Expertise Industrielle Unique

…For a product’s consistent quality of use, from start to finish

To get the same quality for a 2 km writing line of a BIC® Cristal® pen from beginning to end; to produce 3,000 flames identical and safe from first to last with one BIC® Maxi lighter; to provide a close, comfortable shave for 10 days with one BIC Comfort 3® shaver ... these are BIC's commitments to its consumers.

Une Expertise Industrielle Unique

…For optimal safety of use

BIC® products are manufactured to tolerances measured in microns, and before any consumer even sees them, they undergo numerous tests and quality checks. BIC® pocket lighters, for instance, undergo more than 50 individual, automatic checks and each one meets or exceeds the requirements of the international safety norm, ISO 9994.


of BIC® products are made in the Company's factories and 16% are made by contract manufacturers, who comply with BIC's standards.