BIC® Megalighter™, light candles and chimneys


From gas cookers to birthday cake candles, from chimneys to barbecues, there are many lighting needs in the home today. Do you have a unique product that would answer each of these needs?

BIC®, the number one branded pocket lighter manufacturer in the world, is launching BIC® Megalighter™, a new generation of multi-purpose lighters, ideal for everyday use.

The BIC® Megalighter™ offers many benefits including a curvier body shape for comfortable handling, a retractable hook for easy storage and a visible gas level. In addition, this compact and trendy product provides 750 lights under normal conditions of use.

This elegant new BIC® Megalighter™ is available in two colours: a trendy version in light green & silver, and a more classic one in black & silver. Both men and women will benefit from using it indoors and outdoors!

The new BIC® Megalighter™ is available at a recommended retail selling price of 3.80 euros.


About BIC : Before leaving the factory each manufactured lighter undergoes every day over 50 individual automatic tests which guarantee reliability, security and greater comfort.BIC, is the world leader in lighter products and sells more than 5 million lighters each day.